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January is Interior Painting Month

So it isn’t an official holiday, but it certainly is a holiday at Elite Home Remodeling.  In honor of Interior Painting MontElite Home Remodeling Interior Paintingh, Elite is offering a 5% discount on select interior painting projects!

January can be a depressing month with the cold weather, the return of the work routine and those holiday bills adding up.  But Elite Home Remodeling is here to make January a little less depressing.  Instead of moping around the house or the office about being inside, embrace the indoors by adding fresh coats of paint!

Here’s what you need to know: the 5% discount applies only to Glidden, Behr and/or Kilz paint and related accessories.  You can find all of these great products at your local Home Depot.  To be eligible for the 5% discount, you must sign a contract with Elite by 1/31/12.

Make sure you give Elite Home Remodeling a call or an e-mail today and we’ll be sure to give you a quick and free estimate of what we can do to your home or office to make you really love the great indoors!

Happy New Year!

Elite Home Remodeling Wishes you a Happy New YearThe new year is here!  January is a great time to start your new year’s resolution.  This year, instead of trying a new diet only to give up half way through January, why don’t you invest in a resolution that will last?  Make your new year’s resolution this year to do some home remodeling.

Everybody has some work that they would like to get done around the house or around the office.  Maybe that hallway bathroom could use some updating, or maybe you want a new and fresh color scheme all throughout the family and dining rooms, or maybe it is time to put a new roof over your head.  Whatever your home renovation needs and wants, Elite Home Remodeling will be here to help you with all of your new year’s resolutions.

At least the ones having to do with home improvement.

Welcome to the Elite Home Remodeling Monthly Newsletter

Welcome to Elite Home Remodeling’s first ever issue of our monthly e-mail newsletter!  This newsletter will be a great way for you to stay in touch with Elite each and every month.  In this newsletter, we will post not only useful tips and tricks to keep in mind during your home renovation projects, but we will also feature many specials and deals for you throughout the year just by subscribing to our newsletter!

There are a lot of great things going on with Elite Home Remodeling in the next few days, weeks, months and years ahead.  If you want even more information about how to stay connected with Elite, check out all of our social media pages.  We have a dedicated team member who checks these regularly, so they’re not just for show.

If you want to know how to get in contact with our team members directly, head on over to the contact us page to find out exactly how you connect with Elite Home Remodeling.



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