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Interior Painting Month is Back!

Elite Home Remodeling Interior Painting

Our first month celebrating Interior Painting was so much fun, we’re partying for another whole month!

It still may not be an official holiday but a party lasting two whole months ought to be.  The winter seems to have picked up a full head of steam and it is making everyone want to stay indoors.  Don’t let your old, drab interiors slow you down from enjoying your living spaces.  Spice things up by adding a splash of new color to your bedroom or highlighting a particular room in your house with an accent wall.

There are plenty of ways to make your paint colors work for you.  Talk with Elite Home Remodeling today to find out how!

Here’s the low down on what you need to know: the 5% discount  applies only to Glidden, Behr and/or Kilz paint and related accessories.  You can find all of these great products at your local Home Depot.  This is the last month of celebrating Interior Painting, so be sure to sign a contract with Elite by 2/29/12.  (We even threw in an extra day in February to make sure everybody gets in on the action!)

Virginia Living Magazine’s Best of Virginia

Elite Home RemodelingThis year, help Elite Home Remodeling become Northern Virginia’s Best Home Builder of 2012.  You already know its true so why don’t you make it official.  Every vote you cast for Elite Home Remodeling as Northern Virginia’s Best Home Builder of 2012 will enter you into a chance to win a free Apple iPad.  But you better hurry!  Voting ends February 10, 2012.

Check it out here: Virginia Living Magazine’s Best of List Voting

Are you new to Elite Home Remodeling?  Never heard of us before?  Not to worry, check out our fantastic new website to learn all about us and then cast your vote for Elite Home Remodeling.  Then, feel free to tell all of your friends to vote for Elite Home Remodeling too!

Elite is Online

Elite Home Remodeling Logo

In today’s business world, you need to stay connected with your clients and future customers 24/7.  In the home remodeling industry, this is no different.  That is why Elite Home Remodeling is now every where you want us to be.  Besides providing the most valuable when it comes to remodeling and renovation services in the Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Maryland communities, Elite now can connect with home owners and local business owners around the clock, anywhere in the world.

But just where exactly can you find Elite Home Remodeling?  Well, we have created a handy list of all of the outlets in which you can find Elite.  Make sure to check these places and pages often to see the most up-to-date information.  Then, share all of those great deals you found with your family, friends and your friends’ friends.  The more you share, the more you could save!

  • Facebook
    • Everybody knows what Facebook is.  Come like us today!
  • Twitter
    • Twitter is the best way to find out exactly what is going on in the world of remodeling today.  Come follow us!
  • YouTube
    • We have some excellent videos for you to watch about home remodeling!
  • Flickr
    • If you want to see pictures of our body of work, Flickr is the place to go.
  • LinkedIn
    • Interested in developing a professional relationship with Elite?  LinkedIn is the perfect place to do that!
  • Google+
    • The latest and greatest from Google and social media and Elite is there!
  • Pinterest
    • Looking for a little inspiration?  Check out our “dream boards” to point you in the right direction.
  • Angie’s List
    • The best place online to write a review or check out a review about Elite!
  • Better Business Bureau
    • We uphold our business to the standards set forth by the BBB.
  • ThumbTack
    • Looking for a contractor with a good recommendation?  You know Elite will be there!
  • Digital Newsletter
    • Sign up for our email newsletter to get sweet deals on all of your remodeling projects.
  • BuildZoom
    • The best place for home owners to find information on local contractors.
  • Community Associations Institute
    • Are you a property manager looking to get work done at your property?  The best contractors for the job can be found at the CAI and Elite makes it to the top of the list.
  • ActiveRain
    • The Web’s premier place for real estate professionals and the great real estate community to connect and share on issues within the real estate world.
  • Merchant Circle
  • Manta
  • WhitePages
  • Google Places
  • Yelp!
  • Washington Business Journal

Is there a place that you visit often that you think Elite Home Remodeling would be perfect?  Give us a shout on any one of these social networks or you could just send an email.  Even better, you could visit our website and learn even more about some of the terrific services we can provide you and your business today!

Elite Home Remodeling in Northern Virginia, Maryland & Washington, D.C.

Elite Home RemodelingElite Home Remodeling is a home renovation and restoration contractor in the Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. communities.  We specialize in kitchen, bathroom and basement remodels as well as roofing and siding renovations.  Elite proudly serves home owners, property management firms, community associations, insurance providers and small businesses.

Some of the things that sets Elite Remodeling apart from our competition is that during the recent recession, while other remodelers and contractors saw declining sales, Elite’s sales grew and we hired more staff and crew members.  We were able to do this through our professionalism.

Anyone can pick up a hammer and call themselves a contractor.  But at Elite Home Remodeling, we make professionalism and customer service our number one priority.  Our customers notice and appreciate this and they like to tell other people about their experiences with Elite.

We have recently expanded our services to cater to not only home owners looking to renovate their kitchens, bathrooms and basements but we also offer our services to insurance providers for restoration work.  We also renovate and remodel apartment and condominium communities for property management firms.

We make clients feel like we are a large contractor with lots of resources at their disposal but we also cater to their every need at a moment’s notice like you would expect from a small company.

Visit us on online and give us a call to find out how Elite Home Remodeling can serve you today.

Selecting the Right Contractor

Elite Home Remodeling Logo

One of the biggest decisions you will make when doing some home remodeling work is deciding which contractor to use.  There are hundreds of thousands of contractors out there and unfortunately not all of them are good.  Sadly, many people have had bad experiences with contractors which leads to a bad reputation for all contractors throughout the Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Maryland communities.

Fortunately, there are always a few good apples in the bunch to make you forget about all of your previous problems with contractors.  Elite Home Remodeling is one of those good apples.

Recently, I had a conversation online with a friend who had used many different contractors in the past and had many bad experiences.  Our conversation will better highlight what Elite Home Remodeling does right and what you should be looking for in every contractor you hire.


Finding a good contractor has been the bane of my existence.  You would think they would want my business!


What have been some of issues and frustrations you have had with contractors?  What are the things (if any) you’ve liked about working with them?


  1. Finding someone that is willing to do both small and large jobs.
  2. Finding someone that is highly recommended by people I trust.
  3. Finding someone that is willing to dream with me, rather than telling me “oh no, that can’t be done” or “well, that would be expensive.”
  4. Finding someone who shows up when they say they’re going to show up.
  5. Finding someone who delivers what they promise.


Those all are things that should be at the core of every contracting business.  Here’s my two cents on your list:

    1. Elite Home Remodeling loves to do the little jobs and we love to do the little jobs well.  We feel that the best way to gain your trust is do the little things well and they will lead to big results.
    2. Almost 85% of our work comes from repeat clients and they love what we do.  Everyday we are expanding our reach by our clients giving us reviews online for everyone to see.
    3. We like to keep “dream boards” ourselves about what we would love to see in a kitchen, bathroom, basement, etc remodel. Check it out!
    4. Business 101.  8:00 AM means 8:00 AM.  If you can’t even trust someone to show up on time, how can you expect them to do a job successfully?  And if we are ever running late, we will call and tell you and never leave you wondering.
    5. We make sure that during the estimating and proposal process we thoroughly go over exactly what you want and what we will be providing.  That way you are never surprised by the end result.  And if something doesn’t look quite right, we’ll make sure to fix it exactly the way you want it.

Thanks for the help Margie. Hopefully the next time you have a remodeling or improvement project to take care of, Elite Home Remodeling will be there serve you!

This conversation is typical of many conversations I’ve had with many home owners who have had bad experiences with contractors in the past.  Fortunately, all of the painful headaches associated with contractors will be gone when you decide to use Elite Home Remodeling.  Check us out today!

Developing a Relationship with a Contractor

In your search to improve and expand your personal and business network, there are many individuals and industries that you should have in your network.  One of the most important relationships you can create is with a contractor, especially a remodeling and renovation contractor.

Elite Home Remodeling - Building Lasting RelationshipsThere are many pros and cons to consider when developing a relationship with a remodeling contractor.  Fortunately, the benefits certainly outweigh the negatives.  Although you might not need a remodeling contractor on a daily or even weekly basis, eventually you will need the services of a remodeling contractor.  Either something will break or be damaged and you will need the services of an elite remodeling contractor or you will want to improve your home or your business to add value to your property.  An expert remodeling contractor can take care of all of your needs and your wants.

The draw backs to developing a relationship with a contractor are the same draw backs to developing a relationship with any new individual or industry: it is always a challenge to meet new people.  Fortunately, when determining when to use a contractor, they should provide you with a portfolio of their past projects.  These pictures and descriptions should speak for themselves, allowing the contractor’s work to do all the talking.

Everyone can benefit from a relationship with a contractor.  A home owner will benefit by being able to trust the work being done in their kitchen or basement.  A property manager will know that the roofing repair will be done by a quality contractor.  A real estate agent will not only be able to understand the world of construction better to explain to a potential home buyer but they will also be able to provide a strong recommendation when asked about renovation work.

Check out Elite Home Remodeling today to find out how you can develop a lasting relationship with us.

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