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Home Remodeling Wedding Registry

Picture this: you are getting married and you are inviting all of your friends and family to the wedding of the season.  Nothing could be sweeter.  The ceremony and the reception are going to be fantastic.  The food is going to be great, the dancing is going to last all throughout the night and love will be all around.  Everything is going to be perfect, except for the fact that everybody got you a toaster.

A toaster?  The best thing you could come up with to ask your friends and family for is a toaster?

Well, not any more.  Instead of asking for the stuff you already have, ask for something that you really want.  That you really, really want.  Make your wedding registry a dream home registry!

My Dream Home Registry - Elite Home Remodeling

Elite Home Remodeling is now proud to offer home remodeling services to the happy couple as a wedding registry.  You and your significant other are going to spend the rest of your lives together, why don’t you make sure you spend it in a place you really want to live in.

How does it work?  Simple.  Sign up for a registry at My Dream Home Registry and tell all your friends and family that instead of getting you a new serving dish you want a new kitchen for your serving dish!  Then, bring that registry to Elite Home Remodeling and we will be happy to build you the home of your dreams.

Make your wedding last forever by creating a Dream Home Registry with Elite Home Remodeling today!

Elite Home Remodeling Wedding Registry

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