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Extended Home Remodeling Warranties

At Elite Home Remodeling, we strive to make sure that everything is working properly and is to your satisfaction before we can call any project complete.  However, just in case we did miss something, we provide home owners with the guarantee of a one year warranty.

This twelve month warranty takes effect from the day your punch list is completed.  If you have any malfunctions or anything wrong with any of your systems that we installed, whether we provided the materials and products or not, we will be sure to visit your project and determine where is the problem.  If the problem is an installation defect, Elite Home Remodeling will take care of the repair for free within the first calendar year.

Extended Home Warranties - Elite Home Remodeling

For all of your products and materials, Elite Home Remodeling stands behind any product and manufacturer’s warranty.  If there is a defect with any product or material that was found to be installed correctly, we will help you determine what your next steps of action are to resolve the problem.

Most home owners tend to stay in their home for more than one year.  What happens when something goes wrong after one year from project completion?  In this case, your extended warranty will be there to protect you and your systems in the event of a malfunction or defect.

Elite Home Remodeling has teamed with First American Home Buyers Protection Corporation in the Northern Virginia, Washington DC & Maryland communities to provided home owners with the best possible extended warranty solutions.  There is no better assurance for your home systems and appliances than that of an extended home warranty.

Be sure to give Elite Home Remodeling a call today to find out how we can help you with your next home remodeling project and how an extended warranty can benefit you.

Extended Home Warranties - Elite Home Remodeling

Renovations to Investment Properties Increase Value

After several years of minimal investment in capital expenses spending and property renovations, multifamily apartment operators and property managers are beginning to give the go ahead on property improvements.  Most notably, major value-add investments are also likely to see an increase significantly in 2012 and 2013.

According to some, the most significant projects underway by remodeling professionals for the multifamily communities are painting and siding and roofing renovations.

Cap-ex is traditionally divided into two categories by the apartment industry: recurring and nonrecurring expenditures, often considered defensive and offensive spending, respectively, and are characterized by basic asset preservation versus return-focused projects intended to lift revenue.

Soon, however, offensive value-add projects are expected to take off as firms boosts their overall cap-ex expenditures.

Offensive opportunities in markets that have positive job growth expectations, positive absorption, and growing or recovering rents are quite likely, especially in the Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia and Maryland communities.

For apartment firms considering significant kitchen upgrades, they should be aware that the market is changing for up and coming renters.  Stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops are not as sure-fire at drawing in tenants as they used to be.  Mixing in a healthy dose of black-faced appliances and more sustainable surfacing is what the new generation is looking to see.

Give Elite Remodeling a call today for more information about getting the most out of your capital expenditures on your income properties this year.

The original story can be found at the Multifamily Executive Magazine.

Financing Your Home Renovation

At Elite Home Remodeling, we believe we have many advantages that set us apart from our competition.  One of the best advantages we can provide to you, our current and future clients, is our ability to work with you when it comes to your budget.

Any home remodeling project can be a big investment both for your time and your money.  We want to make sure your budget is the last thing you worry about on your remodeling project.  That is why Elite Home Remodeling has many different ways of working with you to help afford the costs of remodeling.

Every home remodeling project in Northern Virginia, Washington DC & Maryland is going to be different.  Therefore, we will cater our services to exactly fit your specific job and your specific needs.  We will work with when determining deposits and down payment requirements, if any.

Home Remodeling Construction Costs - Elite Home Remodeling

Elite Home Remodeling also accepts many different types of payment plans.  Most remodelers today will only accept cash or personal check, unnecessarily increasing the financial burden on families undertaking remodeling projects.

At Elite, we accept the four major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express.  Many home owners choose to pay with credit cards to not only pay off their remodeling projects on their own time line, but paying for your remodeling project with your credit card is a great way to earn rewards points through your credit card’s reward program.

We also accept online payments through PayPal’s online business invoices.  It is as simple as making any other online payment.  In fact, we will email you the invoice directly!  You don’t even need a PayPal account.  All of our online transactions are handled through PayPal’s secure invoice system.

Home Remodeling Construction Costs - Elite Home Remodeling

Finally, Elite has recently teamed with SunTrust Bank to accept many different types of remodeling-specific loans.  They offer many flexible financial options for your to pay for your remodeling project.  We are also working on partnering with more local banks to offer even more services.

Be sure to contact Elite Home Remodeling today to find out all of our terms of service as well as how we can help you when it comes to your next home remodeling project.

Top 5 Trends for Bathroom Remodeling in 2012

Interested in remodeling your bathroom this year to get the best value and stay up to date with what is going on in the remodeling industry?  Well then you need to know the top 5 trends of bathroom remodeling for 2012.  In this list you will find that you can take advantage of new features that enhance your enjoyment and functionality, while also potentially increasing your home’s value.

Bathroom appliances

TVs integrated into bathroom mirrors will be hotter than ever this year.  The technology has finally come to a point where electronics and humidity can work in perfect harmony so you’ll never have to worry about a foggy picture ever again.

Tankless Water Heater - Elite Home Remodeling

Tankless water heaters are big.  No, not in size, but in popularity.  2012 will see a surge in hybrid water heaters as they become more efficient, less expensive and even better for the environment.  The newest systems integrate technology from both tankless and traditional models for consistent water pressure and hot water availability.

Bathroom fixtures

Have multiple people using the same shower?  Tired of always having to adjust the dials to get them exactly the way you want them?  You need a digital shower.  These digital showers come with preset comfort levels for each user.

Conservation is another strong trend.  WaterSense — the EPA’s water-saving equivalent to Energy Star — logos will direct you to the most sustainable fixtures.  Not only will you be saving the environment, but you will also be saving on your utility bills.  A win-win for everyone.

Elite Home Remodeling

Square sinks and shallow vessels are also on the rise.  Although these tend to attract a certain clientele, you can find sinks that are integrated and blend seamlessly into the counter top, making the contrast of the vessel not as noticeable.


One of the major features of a bathroom is its cabinetry.  “Wood-toned finishes are growing in popularity, compared with the painted wood that was popular in the past,” shares Sarah Reep, KraftMaid’s director of designer relations.  Reap attributes the trend to homeowners and designers more closely connecting the bedroom’s décor with the bath, especially in open-plan master suites.

Another trend to keep an eye on is frame-less.  The contemporary appeal of both high end and affordable European imports makes this design trend one of the most affordable design options you can go with.

Tile and tops

In the world of tile, bigger is always better.  Make the individual tiles as large as possible will minimizing the size of the grout line and you will have one sleek looking kitchen.

For those looking for something out of left field, be sure to check out some graphic-inspired Spanish and Italian tiles too.


This year’s Color of the Year, according to color authority Pantone, is Tangerine Tango.  If you’re looking for a fresh, happy color for a powder room or a kids’ bath, you are in luck.  Tangerine Tango is not only fun to say but it is also fun to look at.

Elite Home Remodeling - Tangerine Tango

For those who aren’t quite as risk-averse, you should go with a calmer color for your master bath.  Although some trends come and go, when it comes to bathrooms watery blues and greens are always a good bet.

Make sure to give Elite Home Remodeling a call today to find out how we can help you with your bathroom remodeling project and how we can make your bathroom the best bathroom in 2012.

Exterior Siding Renovations

There are several choices for the exterior of your home.  Some of the most common materials to use are brick, wood and stone.  Other options include stucco or vinyl.  Your dreams and your budget will best help you decide which products and materials to choose for your Northern Virginia, Maryland & Washington, D.C. homes.

Brick, a simple mixture of dirt and heat, is an especially higher priced choice, due mostly to the cost of labor.  Having a brick facade will make any home look grand and even antique, bring a certain charm and value to your home that no other material could provide.  Brick certainly provides an excellent value.  Although brick can add about 25% to the cost of your renovation budget, it more than makes up for it due to durability.

Elite Home Remodeling - Siding Materials

Wood is the next high-end siding option to consider for your home.  Much like brick, it can almost around 20% – 25% percent more than vinyl or fiber-cement siding.  Lumber products are volatile in their price fluctuations due to market control.  However, for a picture perfect cabin style look, there is no substitute for wood.

Natural stone is another high-end option to consider.  Most home owners choose to add stone as an accent feature on their home instead of using it to cover the whole house.  This not only looks good but will also bring down the cost of using the stone.

Elite Home Remodeling - Siding Materials

One way to achieve the look of a high-end siding material without breaking your budget is to use synthetic substitutes.  For example, if you want the look of wood siding, consider using an engineered wood as an option.  Engineered wood takes wood chips, breaks them down into a size of a fiber, adds resins and wax and, with heat and pressure, bonds them back into a homogeneous panel.  That yields a very stable product that can provide an excellent finish and a lot of versatility when it comes to siding the house.

Like wood, stone has a synthetic alternative called cultured stone, which provides homeowners with the high-end look of natural stone but without the higher price tag.  Using the cultured stone on an exterior accent wall is a fantastic option to save money and make the exterior of your home shine.

Give Elite Home Remodeling a call today to find out more information on how to get these and many other great siding products on your home today!

Master Suite Remodeling Tips

Your master suite is your place to retreat at the end of a hard day at work or dealing with the kids.  You want a large space where you can relax in your king sized bed.  You want an impressive bathroom that is more like a spa than a cramped washroom.  Even more, you want as much closet space as possible.

If you don’t yet have these features in your Northern Virginia, Washington DC or Maryland master suite, you need to keep reading to find out how you can get a master retreat of your dreams.  We have come up with a good list of things to consider when remodeling your master suite:

Be bold, yet subtle

Whatever your priorities in your master suite, there should be one constant theme.  You want to make the space as relaxing and welcoming as possible for you but as grand and as awe-inspiring for others when they see your retreat for the first time.

Elite Home Remodeling Bathroom

Maximize the window space in your master bedroom to not only take advantage of the natural light, but using tall, slender windows will make the room seem grandiose.  When you spend everyday in your master suite, you won’t be amazed by the size of your windows, but your guests certainly will.  Having 6′ or 8′ tall windows will really make a difference.

In the bathroom, never go over board.  If you often get ready in a rush, the more design features you have in your bathroom the more you will feel rushed.  Instead, make your design features bold, yet subtle.  That way, when you have time to relax and get ready in your own time you can appreciate the design features, but they won’t over power you when you are hurried.

Don’t be afraid of uniqueness

A unique combination of materials and textures will make your design stand out.  So long as you stay within the first rule of being bold, yet subtle, you will find your textures working for you instead of against your.

If you are considered about re-selling your home soon, don’t fret about following this rule when it comes to everything in your master suite.  Make your retreat stand out with additional lighting, including sconce lights and pendant lights.

Own your chaos

It is not an option to have only one closet in your master space.  You will need at least two.  Preferably three, perhaps even four or more.  You will need two closets for clothes.  Two closets, one for each mate.  One large, shared closet will only encourage the inter-mixing of chaos.  Let each person have their own closet so they can take care of their own mess.

In the bathroom, put a linen closet.  Your towels, sheets and other linens do not belong in your clothes closet.  Separating these two spaces will really make your retreat a neater place in general.  If you can throw in another closet somewhere in the mix for miscellaneous junk (because everybody uses their closet space for their own thing – cleaning supplies, workout equipment, etc, etc.)

Elite Home Remodeling

There you have it.  Keep these three tips in mind when you are looking to remodel your master suite and you will find you will be getting the most value out of your remodeling project.  Then, give Elite Home Remodeling a call to find out how we can serve you today!

Arlington County Virginia Residential Remodeling

Elite Home Remodeling serves the greater Northern Virginia community and we especially like to focus on particular areas within this community.  One of these great places is Arlington County, Virginia.

Elite Home Remodeling - ArlingtonArlington County is home to 150 public parks, nearly 100 miles of bike paths and over 600 restaurants.  That’s plenty to do for a population of over 200,000 residences.  While most residences live in high rise apartment and condominium buildings, there are many residences with historic and charming single-family attached and detached homes.

Arlington boasts many great neighborhoods and Elite Home Remodeling provides excellent service to all of them.  At Elite Home Remodeling, we make professionalism and customer service our number one priority.  Our customers notice and appreciate this and they like to tell other people within the Arlington community about their experiences with Elite.  Some of the fantastic locations Elite Home Remodeling serves include Rosslyn, Courthouse, Clarendon, Ballston, Lyon Village, Colonial Village, Cherrydale, Woodmont, Arlington Heights, Buckingham, Barcroft and Shirlington just to name a few.

At Elite, we have recently expanded our services this year to specially cater to the ArlingtElite Home Remodeling Arlingtonon County community.  We will not only continue to work with home owners looking to renovate their kitchens, bathrooms and basements but we also offer our services to insurance providers for restoration work.  We also renovate and remodel all apartment and condominium communities for property management firms.

Next time you are looking to do some remodeling, renovation or restoration work in Arlington, Virginia,give us a call to find out how Elite Home Remodeling can serve you today.

Top 5 Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and hopefully you have already done something for your significant other or you have planned something magnificent for that special someone.  But, I’m sure most of you would rather wait until the last minute.  Here’s a quick top 5 list of some of our better Valentine’s Day date ideas.

#5 Movie & Dinner

An old staple with a little bit of a twist.  Everybody loves dinner and a movie but I never thought that was a great order for a date, especially if it is your first date.  Our advice: go to the movie first!  Going to the movie first will give you and your date plenty to talk about at dinner.  It can sometimes be difficult to come up with interesting things to say to a total stranger.  But, if you have something mutual to talk about, you’ll be surprised at where the conversations will take you.

#4 You Bring the Booze, They Bring the Paint

Valentine's Day - Elite Home Remodeling

This is a great idea for those with (or most notably without) artistic talent.  The idea is simple: you bring your own bottle of wine to an art studio and you and your special friend try your hand at painting.  They offer a wide array of painting types – flowers, landscapes, people, etc.  It’s fun because you’ll have an actual art teacher telling you what to do and how to get better (if you are actually good at art.)  It’s even more fun if you aren’t an artist because you can make all sorts of “art” when you are intoxicated.

#3 Dine & Dash

No, I’m not talking about skipping out on the check at a restaurant.  Instead of chowing down on a 5 course meal, go somewhere for shared appetizers and drinks.  After you love birds are done with that, go to the gym or go for a run or do some sort of physical activity.  Building up those endorphins is a great way to increase the intimacy.

#2 Chocolate Tour

Valentine's Day - Elite Home Remodeling

Yes, a chocolate tour.  These tours are offered in most metropolitan areas and are a gathering of a small group of people with a tour guide leading you on a tour of the local bakeries and chocolate shops.  The tours are about 2 – 3 hours long and you walk from store to store, collecting and sampling a wide variety of chocolates.  This is great gift for any chocolate lover because you can eat as many samples as you want and not feel bad because you’ll be walking it off.

#1 Adventure is Out There!

Valentine’s Day is really about telling your significant other how much you love and care about them.  One of the best ways to do that is to do something a little bit out of the ordinary to make it a special morning/day/night.  A little thought goes a long way.  If you like rock concerts but you don’t often go to one, find tickets for an upcoming show.  If you have never tried rock climbing, go to a local rock climbing gym.  If a broadway show has always been on your bucket list, knock it off by planning it around Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day can be as special as you make it, so make something special out of it!

And for any home remodeling projects you have in Northern Virginia, give Elite Home Remodeling a call today.

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