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Paint Color Psychology

Color consultants, designers and researchers have spent years studying the effect of color on mood, behavior and even productivity at work.  Fortunately, it is a lot less scientific when it comes to making decisions about color in your own homes.  Instead of conducting polls and studying charts, we can pick colors by tapping into our personal experiences and style.
To get started, let’s go over some of the basic colors and some of the emotions that can be attributed to those colors when Elite Home Remodeling paints them in your home.
  • Red: high energy, powerful, sometimes angry, it makes your heart beat faster.
  • Orange: social, joyful, extroverted, happy.
  • Yellow: optimism, clarity.
  • Green: color of nature, balance, peace.
  • Blue: restful, calm, deeply relaxing, beneficial for sleep.
  • Purple: creativity, intuition

This list is purely a generalization.  Every color means something different to everyone else but for the most part, these descriptions hold true to almost everyone.

Now that you know a little bit of the psychology behind each color, it is time to take a look at the psychology behind each one of your rooms.  Grab a pen and a piece of paper for this exercise.  First, write down every room in your home.  Then, next to each room, describe the feeling that you have in that room and then describe the feeling that you want in that room.  If the feeling that you have and the feeling that you want are the same then you are all set.  No need to paint.  However, if your emotions are different, it is time  for a fresh coat of paint.

For those rooms that gave you a different emotion than you wanted, the fix is simple.  Choose one of the colors that best matches that emotion and your room will get a major psychological makeover.  Even though the only thing in the room that changed was the paint, the paint will make a major difference.

Take a look at some of the pictures below and try to describe some of the feelings that you get when you are in that room.

Paint Colors

Paint Colors 

Paint Colors

Paint Colors

Paint Colors
Paint Colors
The look and feel of each of these rooms is completely different.  Next time you want Elite Home Remodeling to paint your home, think about the feelings you want to have in that room and then pick your paint color.

Interior Painting Month is Back!

Elite Home Remodeling Interior Painting

Our first month celebrating Interior Painting was so much fun, we’re partying for another whole month!

It still may not be an official holiday but a party lasting two whole months ought to be.  The winter seems to have picked up a full head of steam and it is making everyone want to stay indoors.  Don’t let your old, drab interiors slow you down from enjoying your living spaces.  Spice things up by adding a splash of new color to your bedroom or highlighting a particular room in your house with an accent wall.

There are plenty of ways to make your paint colors work for you.  Talk with Elite Home Remodeling today to find out how!

Here’s the low down on what you need to know: the 5% discount  applies only to Glidden, Behr and/or Kilz paint and related accessories.  You can find all of these great products at your local Home Depot.  This is the last month of celebrating Interior Painting, so be sure to sign a contract with Elite by 2/29/12.  (We even threw in an extra day in February to make sure everybody gets in on the action!)

Elite Home Remodeling in Northern Virginia, Maryland & Washington, D.C.

Elite Home RemodelingElite Home Remodeling is a home renovation and restoration contractor in the Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. communities.  We specialize in kitchen, bathroom and basement remodels as well as roofing and siding renovations.  Elite proudly serves home owners, property management firms, community associations, insurance providers and small businesses.

Some of the things that sets Elite Remodeling apart from our competition is that during the recent recession, while other remodelers and contractors saw declining sales, Elite’s sales grew and we hired more staff and crew members.  We were able to do this through our professionalism.

Anyone can pick up a hammer and call themselves a contractor.  But at Elite Home Remodeling, we make professionalism and customer service our number one priority.  Our customers notice and appreciate this and they like to tell other people about their experiences with Elite.

We have recently expanded our services to cater to not only home owners looking to renovate their kitchens, bathrooms and basements but we also offer our services to insurance providers for restoration work.  We also renovate and remodel apartment and condominium communities for property management firms.

We make clients feel like we are a large contractor with lots of resources at their disposal but we also cater to their every need at a moment’s notice like you would expect from a small company.

Visit us on online and give us a call to find out how Elite Home Remodeling can serve you today.

January is Interior Painting Month

So it isn’t an official holiday, but it certainly is a holiday at Elite Home Remodeling.  In honor of Interior Painting MontElite Home Remodeling Interior Paintingh, Elite is offering a 5% discount on select interior painting projects!

January can be a depressing month with the cold weather, the return of the work routine and those holiday bills adding up.  But Elite Home Remodeling is here to make January a little less depressing.  Instead of moping around the house or the office about being inside, embrace the indoors by adding fresh coats of paint!

Here’s what you need to know: the 5% discount applies only to Glidden, Behr and/or Kilz paint and related accessories.  You can find all of these great products at your local Home Depot.  To be eligible for the 5% discount, you must sign a contract with Elite by 1/31/12.

Make sure you give Elite Home Remodeling a call or an e-mail today and we’ll be sure to give you a quick and free estimate of what we can do to your home or office to make you really love the great indoors!

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