Storage Trends for Reston Remodeling Projects

There’s a war going on these days between the amount of stuff you can put in your home and where to keep all of that stuff.  Although it may seem like an endless battle, there are plenty of solutions to your storage and organizational problems.  A great place to start tackling your storage and organizational woes is in your media room, office and guest rooms.
Starting in the media rooms, entertainment systems have changed dramatically in recent years and cabinet manufacturers and shops are running fast to keep up.  Today, cabinetry isn’t limited to just your bathroom or kitchen.  Cabinets are more streamlined and plugged-in than ever.  Just as TVs become more streamlined and minimal, so does the cabinetry that accompanies them. Contemporary, floating and open cabinets are all growing in popularity.
Storage & Organizational Solutions - Elite Home RemodelingImage courtesy of Houzz
Next on the list of places to solve organizational and storage problems is in your home office.  Many home owners today work from home and they need plenty of space within their home to dedicate as office space.  With your house doubling as a home and an office, you can bet storage space is important.  Cabinetry for home offices are becoming more accessorized with more accessories and organizational tools built right into the cabinets.
As the equipment in our office gets more high-tech, so too does our cabinets.  Cabinet makers are coming up with improved storage systems for our gadgets.  Features such as built-in charging stations make your cabinet space work with your electronics.
Storage & Organizational Solutions - Elite Home Remodeling

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Do you have an extra room in your house that you use only as a guest room?  Does it only ever get used when you have guests come over?  If this is the case, you might benefit from having a Murphy bed!  What is a Murphy bed?  A Murphy bed, or better known as a wall beds, is a bed and bed frame that can fold up into a cabinet or wall.  Recent trade and home shows have showcased new styles, new features, new configurations, new easier open-close mechanisms and new lighting and entertainment built-ins for this category.  Murphy beds make a great addition to a guest room because they allow to use the room for many other features throughout the year for all those times you don’t have guests over.

Storage & Organizational Solutions - Elite Home Remodeling

Image courtesy of Houzz

These are just a few simple solutions to helping you with your organizational and storage problems.  Take a look at the messiest areas in your home to figure out where you need the most help.  Once you’ve nailed that down, you can start creating an action plan to get your space neat and organized.

Give Elite Home Remodeling a call today to find out how we can help you with your cabinet, storage and organizational problems in Reston and throughout all of Northern Virginia.

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