Property Service Management & Apartment Remodeling

At Elite Home Remodeling we offer three distinct areas of service to best serve our target clients.  Those areas of expertise include home remodeling and renovation, insurance restoration and property service management.  The first two areas of service are relatively straight-forward to explain.

First, home remodeling and renovation covers any attached or detached single-family home within the Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland communities.  These improvements can include bathroom, kitchen or basement remodeling as well as roofing, siding and deck renovations.

Second, insurance restoration work covers any damage to you have to your residence due to any sort of natural disaster or fire, water or wind damage to the inside and outside of your home.  It is very similar to remodeling except your insurance company will foot the bill for you.

Which leaves us with property service management.  Property service management is a term coined by Elite Home Remodeling simply to refer to all of our remodeling and renovation work we perform for property management firms, especially those that own apartment, condominium and townhouse communities.

Just like single family homes, apartments, condos and townhouses all need to be remodeled and renovated at some point.  Typically, most people living in apartments are only tenants and rent the space and do not have the authority to authorize work to be performed in their units.  That responsibility rests with the property management firm tasked with maintaining the property.

Elite Home Remodeling has developed a special relationship with property management firms all across Northern Virginia and we find that they are in need of remodeling and renovation work just as much as single-family home owners.  When working with property management firms, we provide the same high quality service and craftsmanship that we provide to all of our home owners.  In addition, Elite Home Remodeling tailors our services to fit those exact needs of property management firms.

At Elite Home Remodeling, we remodel more than just homes.  If you are a property manager in the Northern Virginia, Washington DC or Maryland communities and you are looking to attract those high-quality tenants, look to Elite to help you with those capital improvements in your apartments, condominiums and townhouses.

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About elitehomeremodeling

Elite Home Remodeling serves the greater Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland metro areas providing high quality, friendly and knowledge service for all of your home improvement, renovations, remodeling and restoration needs. We specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, interior and exterior painting, drywall and carpentry renovations, roofing and siding renovations and restorations and many other services that best fit your home improvement needs.

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