Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials of 2012

Every year, the Super Bowl manages to get better and better.  This year, everything surrounding and including the game was perfect.  The game stayed interesting until the final whistle and even the half-time show managed to keep me entertained (the first time in a very, very long time.)

But the most important aspect to take away from this weekend’s game was by far the commercials.  So, without further hesitation, I give you our Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials of 2012.

#5 – Broderick’s Day Off

In an homage to one of the greatest classic comedies of all-time, Matthew Broderick brings back Ferris Bueller in this commercial for the Honda CR-V.  Although the idea was not very original, this commercial scores big while highlighting the best funny parts from that movie.   It gave us a good chuckle.

Super Bowl Commercial - 05 - Elite Home Remodeling

Click the Honda to watch the commercial.

#4 – Sonic the Chevy Hedgehog

This commercial got huge points for originality.  I haven’t seen a commercial that made me go, “Whoa.  That was so cool!” in a long time.  Plus, having a super great song to go along with it doesn’t hurt either.  Good job Chevy.

Super Bowl Commercial - 04 - Elite Home Remodeling
Click the Chevy to watch the commercial.

#3 – Best Buy Gets Kicked Off a Plane

The winner to the best inside-joke-but-not-really-an-inside-joke goes to Best Buy with their commercial for cell phone and the inventors of Words With Friends (among many worthy other innovators.)  But to use Alec Baldwin’s getting kicked off a plane spoof was by far the hardest we laughed at any commercial this year.

Super Bowl Commercial - 03 - Elite Home Remodeling

Click the Apps to watch the commercial.

#2 – Prohibition Ends with Budweiser

I am always happy to see the Budweiser Clydesdales during the Super Bowl, but I always moan them using other animals.  This year, Budweiser decided to go back to a time when there really was something to celebrate – the end of prohibition.  A great commercial and absolutely worthy of our #2 spot in the countdown.

Super Bowl Commercial - 02 - Elite Home Remodeling

Click the Beer to watch the commercial.

#1 – It’s Half-Time, America

There was no greater commercial this year than Clint Eastwood and the Imported From Detroit band.  In what was a moving, inspiring, uplifting and thoroughly epic commercial, this commercial could start a revolution throughout the nation to get America back on its feet when it needs it most.  It’s half-time America, go do great things in the second half.

Super Bowl Commercial - 01 - Elite Home Remodeling

Click Mr. Eastwood to watch the commercial.

Agree or disagree with our list?  Comment and tell us what you think were this year’s best commercials.

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One response to “Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials of 2012”

  1. Jo-Hanna says :

    I also liked the VW commercial with the dog loosing weight

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