Northern Virginia Roofing Renovation

There are many different things to look for when hiring a contractor to renovate or repair your roof.  The most important thing to make sure is do they really know what they are doing?  Take a look at the following pictures to give you a step-by-step demonstration of a proper roofing project performed by Elite.

Elite Home Remodeling Roofing RenovationThe metal roof on this home is worn, faded and has already started to accumulate rust.  If you can start to see visible damage or wear and tear to your roof, you can bet its probably a good time to replace your roof.

Elite Home Remodeling Roofing RenovationThe first thing we have to do when replacing a roof is to remove the existing roof.  As you can see with the picture above, the metal roof is peeled off and the felt underlayment (in black) also is to be removed.  Depending on the damage to the roof, the plywood may also need to be removed and replaced.

Elite Home Remodeling Roofing RenovationWith this particular project, the plywood was in good shape; only the old metal roof and felt underlayment needed to be replaced.  The picture above shows what the house looks like without the metal roof.

Elite Home Remodeling Roofing RenovationAs with any remodeling or renovation project done by Elite, we make to protect the existing surroundings.  In this case, the metal roof can easily be damaged.  To prevent damage to the new roof, we put large sponges on the roof then pieces of plywood over that and then we put our ladders on the roof to ensure the weight is evenly distributed over the roof and we do not damage the roof.

Elite Home Remodeling Roofing RenovationAnother important factor when performing roofing work is safety.  All of our crews will be tied off to prevent any falls.  All workers must wear proper boots, pants and shirts during construction.  All permanent crews working on the ground are required to wear hard hats to prevent injury from falling debris above.

Elite Home Remodeling Roofing RenovationA view from the front of the home with a new layer of felt and a new metal attached.

Elite Home Remodeling Roofing RenovationA metal roof is a very sustainable and long lasting roofing product that can match the design and decor of virtually any home.

Elite Home Remodeling Roofing Repair

Finally, after all is said and done, with a new roof over your head you will not only stay high and dry but you will also be adding years of added use to your home.  Not only that, but the resale value of your home will increase tremendously with a new roof.  Plus, with a metal roof you are helping out with the environment by using sustainable materials that will last much longer than a typical roof and can be recycled much easier and the end of its life.

There you have it.  The proper way to install a roof.  Next time you need to hire a roofing contractor, make sure you hire the professionals at Elite Home Remodeling.  Check out our website to see how Elite Home Remodeling can serve you today!

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