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One of the biggest decisions you will make when doing some home remodeling work is deciding which contractor to use.  There are hundreds of thousands of contractors out there and unfortunately not all of them are good.  Sadly, many people have had bad experiences with contractors which leads to a bad reputation for all contractors throughout the Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Maryland communities.

Fortunately, there are always a few good apples in the bunch to make you forget about all of your previous problems with contractors.  Elite Home Remodeling is one of those good apples.

Recently, I had a conversation online with a friend who had used many different contractors in the past and had many bad experiences.  Our conversation will better highlight what Elite Home Remodeling does right and what you should be looking for in every contractor you hire.


Finding a good contractor has been the bane of my existence.  You would think they would want my business!


What have been some of issues and frustrations you have had with contractors?  What are the things (if any) you’ve liked about working with them?


  1. Finding someone that is willing to do both small and large jobs.
  2. Finding someone that is highly recommended by people I trust.
  3. Finding someone that is willing to dream with me, rather than telling me “oh no, that can’t be done” or “well, that would be expensive.”
  4. Finding someone who shows up when they say they’re going to show up.
  5. Finding someone who delivers what they promise.


Those all are things that should be at the core of every contracting business.  Here’s my two cents on your list:

    1. Elite Home Remodeling loves to do the little jobs and we love to do the little jobs well.  We feel that the best way to gain your trust is do the little things well and they will lead to big results.
    2. Almost 85% of our work comes from repeat clients and they love what we do.  Everyday we are expanding our reach by our clients giving us reviews online for everyone to see.
    3. We like to keep “dream boards” ourselves about what we would love to see in a kitchen, bathroom, basement, etc remodel. Check it out!
    4. Business 101.  8:00 AM means 8:00 AM.  If you can’t even trust someone to show up on time, how can you expect them to do a job successfully?  And if we are ever running late, we will call and tell you and never leave you wondering.
    5. We make sure that during the estimating and proposal process we thoroughly go over exactly what you want and what we will be providing.  That way you are never surprised by the end result.  And if something doesn’t look quite right, we’ll make sure to fix it exactly the way you want it.

Thanks for the help Margie. Hopefully the next time you have a remodeling or improvement project to take care of, Elite Home Remodeling will be there serve you!

This conversation is typical of many conversations I’ve had with many home owners who have had bad experiences with contractors in the past.  Fortunately, all of the painful headaches associated with contractors will be gone when you decide to use Elite Home Remodeling.  Check us out today!

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